Divorces In Utah Can Often Turn Violent

Violent Divorces in Utah may Need a Protective Order

Many people in Utah may believe that criminal law is the most dangerous area of the law to be involved in but it often appears not to be the only dangerous area of the law.  Utah family law can often be as dangerous as criminal law because emotions run so high and people have so much to lose.  Freedom, money, and reputations are on the line in the criminal law, but in Utah family law, love, relationships, children, homes, money, and property are on the line.  People going through a divorce in Utah can become so emotional that they will do irrational and foolish things they normally wouldn’t do.  The high emotional impact of a Utah divorce is one reason why it is essential to have a good Utah divorce attorney to keep emotions under control.

Man Kills Wife Over Divorce in South Jordan

The high stakes of divorce cases in Utah was evident yesterday when a man shot and killed his wife who had just filed for a divorce hours before being killed.  Douglas Irwin and his wife Jana were at a park in South Jordan yesterday.  Witnesses said they were talking under a pavilion but nothing out of the usual stood out that would indicate anything was wrong between the two.  As they were walking back to their vehicle, however, Douglas pulled out a gun and shot his wife in the head killing her.  After shooting her, he shot himself.  He is currently in critical condition.

Unfortunately, this type of situation is not unique.  People too often react poorly to a divorce in Utah.  Douglas Irwin had been divorced twice previously before his marriage with Jana.  Both of those marriages ended with protective orders issued against Douglas.  Perhaps a protective order could have been used against Douglas before he killed his wife but it seems that no one thought a protect order was necessary.  Jana’s wife could have had her Utah divorce attorney file one against him.

Get the Utah Divorce Protection you Need

If you are filing for a divorce in Utah and you feel emotions are running too high for your comfort, then higher a Utah divorce attorney from the Salcido Law Firm.  A Salcido Law Firm attorney will help you with your divorce, help keep emotions in check, and file a protective order if necessary.  Call 801.618.1331 for a free consultation with a Utah divorce attorney today.

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