Divorce Research of 2010

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Looking back on the divorce issues of 2010 most of us might immediately think of the big celebrity break ups that dominated the headlines. No doubt the biggest divorce story of the year was the Tiger Woods fiasco with Sandra Bullock’s story in a close second. Eva Longoria, Steve Nash, and many others also decided to call it quits with their other half. However, big celebrity divorces were not the only notable stories surrounding divorce that emerged last year. In 2010, there was a substantial amount of divorce research that might forever change the way we view divorce, its effects, and how to move forward.

Notable Divorce Research of 2010

A number of very interesting statistics emerged in 2010 regarding divorce. Below is a list of those stories we found to be notable:

  • Children of divorce face twice the risk of stroke. A Dr. at the University of Toronto found that children exposed to divorce are twice as likely to suffer from cardiac complications.
  • Parents who have autistic children are more likely to get divorced.
  • Children with divorced parents pay more of their own college tuition.
  • People with divorced siblings are 22 percent more likely to get divorced.
  • Middle Class Americans divorce at a higher rate than more affluent Americans.
  • Divorcing couples who mediate over litigation are more satisfied with the process, the outcomes, and the enduring relationships with children.
  • Divorce rates rise for the first time in China.
  • More men lose weight after a divorce while more women gain weight after a divorce.
  • Based on a study of over 6,000 sixth graders, children tend to blame themselves for their parent’s divorce.

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Particularly interesting on the recent studies on mediation which suggest mediation is a much more positive and satisfying method of resolving a divorce compared to litigation. At Salcido Law Firm, we offer mediation services as well as traditional litigation representation services. For more information, if you are considering divorce in Utah, and to talk with a Utah Divorce Lawyer, call us today at 801.618.1331. We look forward to your call.

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