Recording Jail Conversations

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Many people do not realize that when then they meet with a friend or family member in jail, their conversations are being recorded. It is true; the communications booths in the jails are monitored and recorded. Additionally, regular phone calls to and from inmates are also monitored and recorded. This means that generally speaking, your meetings and communications in the jails are not confidential and prosecutors may try to introduce your recorded jail conversations to be used against you in your pending case.

Those who are incarcerated in the local jails, and their family and friends who visit them, should be extremely cautious in their conversations at the jails. Any communications regarding a pending case or evidence should be discussed with an individual’s attorney. The attorney client relationship provides greater protections for inmates and a higher expectation of confidentiality.

Suppressing Evidence of Recorded Jail Conversations

In a current pending case in Davis County, a defendant’s attorney is seeking to supress evidence of a defendant’s recorded conversations with his wife while he was incarcerated in the Davis County Jail. A judge will soon hear the arguments about why the recorded conversations should not be allowed to come in as evidence in the trial. Without the recorded conversations, the state does not have a case against the defendant. Whether or not the recording will be suppressed remains to be seen but we will provide updated information after the suppression hearing is held and the judge has ruled on this issue.

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