In Malta, No Divorce Allowed – In Utah, Divorce Allowed

No One Wants to Divorce But Be Grateful You Can If You Have To

Divorce can often be a messy process due to the many different considerations that must be made depending on each couple. Couples divorce for many different reasons including infidelity, money, abuse etc. whatever the reason, it stems from a root of unhappiness. In America, if someone finds themselves trapped within an unhappy marriage they have the option of separating themselves from that person through divorce. Though divorce can be messy, it is often a necessary evil for some to later find happiness and comfort. Many other nations around that world offer divorce as a solution to unhappy marriages, however, not every nation allows it.

Malta – No Divorce

Off the coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea dwells a small country called Malta. Malta is a beautiful island full of white beaches, blue sea, exotic rocks and beautiful historic cities. The Catholic Church is dominant on this small island and holds a dominant influence over the government as well. According to the Malta constitution, divorce is absolutely illegal. Malta prides itself on its rich religious history and influence and holds to the same negative views of divorce that the Church holds. If a married couple finds themselves unhappy within their marriage, they are supposed to grin and bear it.

There are some options that can be considered for citizens of Malta who seek divorce. If someone is fortunate enough then they could seek residence in another country where divorce can be granted to them. Malta does recognize foreign divorce. Another option that can be considered is an annulment granted by the Church. This process is much trickier and not guaranteed.

Thankfully, Utah Permits Divorce

Divorce in Utah can be a stressful time, but it is a right granted to citizens if they so choose to pursue it. If you are currently undergoing a divorce, or hoping to pursue a divorce call our law firm at 801.618.1331 to speak with a Salcido Law Firm attorney and schedule a free consultation with a lawyer.

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