Crimes Committed by Juveniles Treated Differently in Utah

Crimes Committed by Juveniles Treated Differently in Utah

Utah Law Treats Juveniles Differently

When looking back on childhood, people often think about all the stupid things they did.  Many are surprised they even survived because of all their immature decisions.  The old adage that “Kids will be kids” almost seems to mean “Kids do stupid things.”  Fortunately, because of juveniles’ immaturity, Utah law has created a different legal system for minors.  Sometimes the law is more forgiving for juvenile offenses, but the law can also be more harsh towards actions that would not be considered criminal if the person was an adult.  Actions by Alta High School students fell under that umbrella of criminal actions that would not be criminal if not committed by juveniles.  Juvenile criminal defense lawyers help defend such juvenile crimes.

Juvenile Crimes Committed at Utah Schools

Last week, a few students in Utah at Alta High School were issued citations for class B Misdemeanors for unlawful activity at school.  They were issued the citations for sending picture messages of burning crosses to one another while at school.  Ordinarily this activity would not be a juvenile crime if committed anywhere else besides school.  Since the activity occurred at school though, the prosecutor used the catch-all crime of unlawful activity at a school to prosecute the students.

Unfortunately for these Alta High School students, they are suffering legal consequences for making a stupid decision at school.  The law not only treats juveniles differently than adults, it treats them differently while at school than if not at school.  Police officers can cite a student for nearly any activity at school as an unlawful activity.  Because of the delicate legal status of minors, it is important for them and their parents or guardians to have a juvenile criminal defense attorney to protect a minor’s rights so juvenile crimes don’t affect a juvenile’s future plans for college or military service.

Juvenile Lawyers Protect Minors Charged With Crimes

If your son or daughter has been charged with a juvenile crime, call a Utah juvenile criminal defense attorney from Salcido Law Firm.  A SLF juvenile criminal defense lawyer will work with the Utah juvenile court system and make sure the best interest of the minor is achieved.  Call a Utah juvenile attorney today at 801.413.1753.


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