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Child Abuse Cases in Utah High

In Utah, April is Child Abuse Awareness month.  It is a time for people to reflect on the perils of child abuse and a time to raise awareness so children can be better protected.  Unfortunately for Utah, it is one of the top states in the country for the amount of child abuse cases.  Utah ranks number 10 in the most child abuse cases per state.  Utah has a smaller population than many states so that make its rank more alarming.  Utah Criminal Defense lawyers protect Utahans accused of such child abuse cases.

Some people believe, however, that Utah doesn’t have more child abuse cases than other states, but that Utah does a better job of finding incidents of child abuse and prosecuting them.  They believe child abuse reports are taken more seriously in Utah and Utah does a better job responding to child abuse reports.  Also, there are large amounts of children in Utah so the population of children could be a factor.

Parents Easily Charged with Child Abuse in Utah

Unfortunately for many parents, Utah statutes define child abuse rather broadly.  Parents believing its okay to discipline a child in a certain way, such as a spanking, may painfully come to realize their actions could be considered child abuse if reported.  Some parents can even be charged with child abuse by allowing another person to care for the child and then that person inflicts some sort of injury on the child.

Utah law differentiates the injuries inflicted upon a child between a “serious physical injuries” and a “physical injury.”  Most “serious physical injuries” committed on a child are a felony and a person can serve several years in prison if convicted.  Many parents, however, don’t intentionally seek to inflict serious injuries on their children.  Most child abuse cases involve a simple “physical injury” which are misdemeanors.  If convicted of a child abuse misdemeanor, individuals can still serve jail time and pay hefty fines.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Protect People Charged With Child Abuse

If you find yourself accused of a child abuse felony or misdemeanor, because you either intentionally hurt a child or you thought you were simply disciplining a child, call a Utah criminal defense attorney from Salcido Law Firm.  A Salcido Law Firm lawyer will protect you from a child abuse conviction and from the state taking your children away from you.  Call an attorney at 801.413.1753 for a free consultation today.

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