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If you have been charged with burglary or a related theft crime in Utah, you may be facing serious penalties. It is extremely important to understand the benefits of retaining a Utah criminal defense attorney to represent you through these difficult times. At Salcido Law Firm, we have helped numerous individuals throughout the state who have been charged with burglary, theft, assault, and other similar crimes. Burglary is a unique charge which requires a team of dedicated advocates to ensure your rights are protected in the process and to help get you the best possible outcome.

What Constitutes Burglary?

In Utah, a person commits burglary if he or she enters or remains unlawfully in a building or any portion thereof with the intent to commit: (1) a felony; (2) theft; (3) an assault on any person; (4) lewdness; (5) sexual battery; (6) lewdness involving a child; or (7) voyeurism against a child.

Burglary is a third degree felony, or a second degree felony if committed in a dwelling. A person commits aggravated burglary if while attempting, committing, or fleeing from a burglary the person (1) possesses or attempts to use a dangerous weapon; or (2) causes bodily injury to another who is not a participant in the crime.

Rise in Burglary Incidents

It seems burglary  is on the rise in Utah. The most recent incident happened this week at a home in Bluffdale ,Utah where 2 men entered the home at night and tried to make off with gun safes and flat screen TVs. The family was home asleep. The 2 men were spotted by neighbors as they were speeding off in their car. As they took off they dumped one of the safes.

Charged with Burglary? Get a Defense.

At our law firm, we have a team of highly qualified burglary defense lawyers who understand the laws in Utah surrounding burglary and theft. We know how to assemble the best defense possible for your individual case and will work tirelessly to see your rights are protected and that you get a fair shake in the criminal justice system. Call us any time day or night at 810-893-1787. We provide free consultations. From Salt Lake City to Provo, and almost anywhere in the state, we defend rights.

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