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Are you considering a prenup? Need to talk to a prenuptial attorney in Salt Lake City or Provo Utah? We can help and you are certainly not alone. Many clients call us every month to draft and help them through the process of executing a premarital contract. These agreements are far less taboo than they once were. More and more people throughout the Wasatch front are beginning to understand the many benefits of executing a premarital agreement prior to marriage or in some cases, a postnup after the parties are already married. With divorce rates ever increasing, a solid premarital agreement between you and your future spouse just simply makes sense if you have significant assets.

Prenups and Divorce

Of course, the biggest reasons why two love birds would enter into a prenup prior to getting married, is to define who gets what and how things will go in the event the parties choose to divorce later. Most people do not want to think about divorce at the time of marriage because it seems like such a remote possibility. With stars in your eyes it can be hard to see past the reality that many marriages end in divorce. Therefore, it never hurts to protect yourself with a premarital contract to define such things as alimony, property distribution, real property, retirement, and other matters.

What Can and Can’t be Done with A Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenup can successfully protect assets, alimony, define property distributions, and protect separate property from becoming marital property. One of the things a Utah court will not allow through a prenuptial agreement is to define custody or most other child related issues such as the amount of child support to be paid in the event of divorce. In summary, a prenup can protect almost all of your interests accept your rights with your children. This is because in every divorce or separation, the court must determine the best interests of the children.

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