Adoption Opportunities in Utah

Adoption is one of the few joyous occasions that take place in a court room, while the circumstances that lead up to an adoption may be tough and heart breaking, the adoption itself is a chance for a fresh start. In today’s world there are many different options for those who are looking to adopt whether they are unable to have kids themselves or simply have the desire to take in another child who is in need. While some adoption opportunities may require a person to place their name on a waiting list for upwards of 5 years, i.e. couples looking to adopt a white American infant, other organizations such as state foster care and the DCFS are constantly looking for couples willing to adopt.

Utah Laws About Who Can Adopt

In Utah the adoption law has restrictions on who can adopt as is the case in most other states as well. Utah’s laws require that a couple that is adopting a child be legally married under the laws of Utah. This rules out the option of a same-sex couple adopting a child together because the laws of Utah do not recognize same sex marriage. Utah’s laws also allow for a single individual to adopt a child as long as they are not cohabiting. Cohabiting is defined in the statute as living with a person and being sexually involved with that person. So if a couple wants to adopt but they aren’t married they can’t just simply have one of the parents adopt, they either have to get married or stop cohabiting to be allowed to adopt under Utah statute.

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