West Valley City Police Department Under Scrutiny

West Valley City Police Department has been under attack from critics for the past few years fol allkinds of alleged misconduct. Recently Mayor Winder admitted being frustrated with the recent issues involving the police department and is now looking to take steps to correct problems. As such, the mayor is calling upon the city council to modernize the professional standards review board. The public has filed several complaints against certain officers in the West Valley City Police Department. The problems first arose with the Susan Powell investigation a few years ago. The Powell family felt the police botched the investigation into Susan’s disappearance and failed to release information to them which could have aided in the search.

Most recently, the police department came under fire after an officer shot and killed Danielle Willard, a young woman who was unarmed. These types of incidents involving police have been happening in other parts of the state as well including Ogden. Anytime police shoot and kill an unarmed citizen, society should be outraged. The family in the Willard case is still seeking answers from West Valley City as the investigation is ongoing. The Utah Attorney General’s Office is also investigating the officer involved in that shooting and 19 drug cases involving the officer were dismissed.

Recourse Against Illegal Police Activity

Dawning a badge does not give someone the unfettered right to use lethal force against unarmed citizens. The police, just like the rest of us, need to be held accountable for their actions. West Valley has long had problems like the ones described above. At our law firm, we represent individuals in legal actions against police misconduct. We understand that nobody is above the law, including the police, and are willing to fight for the rights of others even in the face of sometimes daunting odds. If you or someone you know was a victim of serious police misconduct, call us right away.

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