Utah Drug Crime Classifications

Controlled Substance Schedules for Utah Drug Crimes

Utah is notorious for its strict drug laws. There are so many laws and so many different types of drugs that are illegal it becomes difficult keeping track. Drugs that are illegal are divided into five different schedules.

Depending on the schedule that a particular drug falls under will determine the severity of the punishment affixed to the crime. In this post we help you understand the Utah drug crime classifications.

Most of us have absolutely no idea what the different drug names means, but nearly every prescription drug and its analogs, as well as all illicit drugs are contained in the list. Many of the named drugs are not readily accessible and are not abused very often by people. Nonetheless, the government of Utah in all of its wisdom has decreed that it needs to protect people from themselves and have opted to make nearly every substance imaginable illegal.

Distribution More Serious Than Possession

When it comes to criminal charges relating to the drug schedules for Utah controlled substances, the basic rule is that if you intend to distribute or did distribute the drugs you are going to be facing much more severe charges than if you just possessed the drugs. Nonetheless, there are some drugs that can result in first degree felony charges just for possession.

Utah Drug Crimes Defense

Salcido Law Firm PLLC defends individuals against misdemeanor and felony drug crimes and we have experience in the district and justice courts throughout the state of Utah.  Most of our clients who have been charged with a drug crime were charged after their vehicle was searched on a Utah highway or freeway.  We are pros at finding violations of your constitutional rights.  Give us a call to get protected against such charges.  801.413.1753.

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