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Utah keeps a close eye on its wildlife.

Utah considers the wildlife that lives within borders precious natural resources. There are all kinds of wildlife including fish, deer, wild goats, elk, moose, mountain lions, and other such animals which Utahns love to hunt for sport and food.  Utah law, however, makes it very clear that there is zero tolerance for wasting any wildlife.

Some people love to hunt and fish, but are not particularly thrilled when it comes to cleaning, preparing, packing away, and ultimately dealing with the dead animal.  If you want to hunt in Utah, however, you better use the wildlife you kill or you can be charged with a misdemeanor and face jail time.  Such offenses can include merely taking a fish out of water and then tossing it aside rather than releasing it back into the water.  It can include shooting a deer and refusing to follow it if it is wounded and runs away. Whatever the factual background, you can rely on a Utah wasting wildlife attorney at our firm to help you out.

The law of wasting wildlife is somewhat ambiguous as well because the statute prohibits wasting wildlife or allowing it to spoil or wasting or allowing to spoil any part of the wildlife. Under that definition it could mean that if you don’t use every part of the animal that you are wasting it.  This would seem an unreasonable interpretation of the statute but nonetheless that is how it is written.

Don’t Risk Jail Time – Get Protected!

Wasting wildlife is a real crime with serious consequences. Some prosecutors prosecute wasting wildlife cases as vigorously as violent crimes.  You will need protection if you are facing these kinds of charges. A Utah wasting wildlife attorney at Salcido Law Firm is what you need.  We bring with us an extensive success record in defending our clients against wasting wildlife charges. We can help you as well.  Call us at 801.413.1753 or contact us by email or instant message to get started.