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The crime in Utah of driving under the influence as a minor is an interesting charge because it is in essence a combination of two separate crimes, that of a DUI and minor consumption. Obviously if the charge is two other crimes combined then it will be more severe carrying with it harsh penalties. You’ll need a great Utah underage DUI defense for such charges. One of the things a juvenile can expect when facing an underage DUI charge is that they could possibly lose their license until they reach the age of 21 if they are convicted. Obviously any juvenile is going to be disappointed to lose their license but beyond the fact that they don’t want to catch a ride everywhere they go the loss of license could also have serious consequences on work opportunities and education.

Utah Underage DUI Penalties

Utah Underage DUI Defense - Salcido Law Firm
An underage DUI in Utah can result in losing a driver’s license for years.

Along with the juvenile losing their license, an individual convicted of underage drunk driving could be facing other harsh penalties. Furthermore, some judges may feel inclined to impose harsh penalties because they want to make sure that the juvenile has learned their lesson and will avoid any further criminal activity. Some of the other penalties that could be imposed are probation, fines, and an interlock device. Obviously these penalties suggest that this is not a charge that should be taken lightly and any accused individual should seek legal counsel for Utah underage DUI defense to help defend his rights.

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With the underage DUI penalties in mind it is important to hire a defense attorney that is not only experienced in the field of juvenile crimes and DUI defense, but it is also important to find a lawyer that is committed to zealously fighting for your rights. At Salcido Law Firm all of our attorneys have helped numerous juvenile clients in all types of cases, and they have also defended hundreds of DUI clients. We understand that each client is innocent until proven guilty and we will work tirelessly to make sure that your rights are defended and that you receive the best outcome available.

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