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Stalking Charges in Salt Lake City

Stalking is a crime in Utah, but what constitutes “stalking” is determined by statute and, the Utah Code is very specific on what actually constitutes stalking. If you have committed an act that falls within the scope of the statute you should make your first call to a Utah stalking defense lawyer at Salcido Law Firm.

Whether your stalking case is civil or criminal contact a Utah stalking defense lawyer at our firm.
Stalking can be a civil action or criminal charges in Utah.

One way an individual can commit the crime of stalking in Utah is through a “course of conduct.”  A course of conduct is defined as two or more acts directed at or toward a specific person which can include things such as following, monitoring, observing, photographing, surveiling, or threatening a person.  It can also include going to a person’s workplace, , contacting a persona’ coworkers, employers, employees, confronts a person, going to a person’s residence, contacting a person’s neighbors, etc.

Any such “course of conduct” must put a reasonable person in fear for the person’s own safety or the safety of a third person or to suffer emotional distress.  Moreover, the course of conduct has to be committed intentionally and knowingly, which is a very high standard.

Another way in which a person can be criminally liable for stalking is if he or she violated a civil stalking injunction which was entered against him previously. A Utah stalking defense lawyer at our firm will fight hard to protect your every interest.

It’s Not Worth It

Most stalking charges result when an intimate relationship goes bad. Ex boyfriends and girlfriends can’t get over the breakup and won’t leave their ex alone.  Sometimes it turns into threats and obsessive behaviors.  Whatever your situation, it isn’t worth it to run the risk of having to deal with criminal stalking charges.

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Stalking is a serious charge.  It is a class A misdemeanor and can result in a year in jail.  If you have been charged with stalking in Utah call our criminal defense lawyers and Get Protected!  We can be reached at any time so call us at 801.413.1753 to get the legal help you need.