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Rape charges mean a stiff bail and felony charges.

Throughout the nation reports of rape and other sex crimes are at extremely high rates. Many rape and sexual violence offenses go unknown or unreported and many cases in which a rape is reported turn out to be false allegations made by the alleged victim.  Many rape allegations are made in order to get back at someone, a vendetta if you will.  It is unfortunate, but true and if you have been falsely accused of rape you must protect yourself with an excellent Utah rape lawyer like those at Salcido Law Firm.

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Contact us to retain a Utah rape lawyer for defense throughout the state.  We understand that you are innocent until proven guilty and that just because someone has accused you of rape does not mean you are guilty of that offense.  Our job is to protect your rights and to make sure that you are protected throughout the criminal process, and if you have been falsely accused, to protect your liberty. Don’t go it alone, get a Utah rape lawyer.

Utah Reports of Rape Higher than National Average

The rate of reported rape cases in Utah is no exception to the nation’s high rate of rape and sexual violence.  In fact the rate of reported rape cases in Utah is actually higher than the national average.  Other violent crimes in Utah such as robbery and murder are at half to a third of the nation’s rate.  Additionally, since some legitimate cases involving rape may go unreported and other false accusations are reported, there is really no way to make an accurate calculation as to how many rapes actually occur each year in Utah.

Some statistics show that one in eight women living in Utah will report being raped during their life time. One in fifty men living in Utah will report being the victim of some sort of sexual assault in their lifetime. One in three women living in Utah will report being victim to some sort of sexual assault.

Rape Charges are not Limited to Males

Rape charges are most often brought against men in Utah, but that is not to say that women cannot be charged with rape.  While ancient common law recognized rape as a crime that could be committed by men the judicial process now recognizes that such a crime may be committed by females as well. Whether you’re male or female, a Utah rape lawyer from Salcido Law Firm will be your best option to defend against such charges.

Facing Rape Charges? Let Us Protect You

At Salcido Law Firm our sex crimes defense team is ready to stand between you and the overbearing State by having a Utah rape lawyer at your side throughout the entire process.  We will do everything in our power to protect your rights and ensure that you have a fair trial.  Call 801.413.1753 to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

For more information regarding the law that applies to the crime of rape refer to Utah Code 76-5-402.

Support for Rape Victims

The State of Utah provides services for victims of rape and sexual assault through the Utah department of health. The department offers several resources including a hotline and a prevention plan. The department also provides statistics about rape and sexual assault in Utah that is very interesting. For example, according to the department’s surveys 1 in 8 women in Utah claim they have been sexually assaulted or raped during their lifetime. To view these statistics, the prevention plan, and the hotline phone number you access the site by clicking on the link below.

Utah Department of Health Rape and Sexual Assault Information

There are also additional resources for rape victims including:

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