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When it comes to criminal charges murder tops them all.  For such charges you need the very best in legal representation.  Hire a Utah murder defense lawyer at Salcido Law Firm. Our firm has had great success exonerating defendants from homicide charges.

Leave No Stone Unturned

An SLF Utah murder defense lawyer will protect you against such serious charges.
Murder can result in the death penalty or up to life in prison.

In a murder case your attorney must search into every avenue of the defenses that may be available.  Alibis, third parties, motives all must be discovered through an in depth investigation through cooperation between your defense lawyer and private investigators.  Salcido Law Firm PLLC has the resources and know how to provide the best possible defense for homicide charges such as murder.

Self Defense is an Affirmative Defense

Often times a death occurs when one party is acting in self defense.  Although you have a fundamental right to protect your life from the aggressions of another, prosecutors often see the self-defender as the aggressor.

We want to make sure your rights are protected.  An individual’s life and liberty are at stake in a murder trial and we eat, sleep, and drink your case round the clock to ensure that you are protected and justice is served.

Misidentifications Made by Eyewitnesses

Another defense which may be available to you is if you have been misidentified.  Studies have shown that in murder cases numerous individuals have been misidentified as the murderer by an “eyewitness.”  Our lawyers are experienced trial advocates who have examined numerous eyewitnesses in all types of criminal cases.

Murder Charges in Utah Require the Expertise of Salcido Law Firm

If you are facing murder charges call us.  We have some of the most experienced criminal trial lawyers in Utah. You know that with us you have the experience with homicide cases that you will need to protect your rights.

You can reach a Utah murder defense lawyer at anytime.  801.413.1753.