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Free consultation with a Utah Kidnapping Lawyer.
Kidnapping applies to people of all ages, kids and adults.

You should consult with a Utah kidnapping lawyer at Salcido Law Firm if these charges are pending against you. When we hear the word “kidnapping” we automatically picture an adult taking a child away from his or her parents without the parents or the child’s consent. Though such an act does constitute kidnapping, there are other definitions. The basic definition of kidnapping is when someone holds or takes another individual against his or her will.  It is often accomplished through the use of fear, force, or threats in order to encourage the victim to do the kidnapper’s will. The kidnapper does not have to physically take or move another individual for the act to be considered kidnapping. The act of not allowing another person to leave can also be considered kidnapping.

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Anyone Can Be A Kidnapper

Kidnapping can be carried out by complete strangers, close acquaintances, and even family members.  There are many different causes or motivations that lead to kidnapping such as monetary gain through bribery, ransom, and robbery.  Other motivations can include infatuation and obsession.  The motivation of the person accused of kidnapping can lead to more serious charges including a charge for aggravated kidnapping and may be piled on top of other charges that can include violent crimes, sex crimes, and property crimes.

Utah Penalties for Kidnapping

Kidnapping is a felony and if the kidnapped individual dies during the kidnapping, the kidnapper can be charged with murder in the first degree. Some penalties that can be issued to a kidnapper are prison time with parole, prison for life without parole, restitution, and registration as a sexual offender if the kidnapping also involved a sex crime.

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