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Defense for Violent Youth

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Juvenile crimes in Utah are treated differently than adult crimes.

The common playground fist fight can often times lead to much more serious offenses.  Violent crimes such as assault and aggravated assault in Utah take place in junior high and high school throughout Utah.  Most kids who engage in such behavior do not understand the consequences of their actions.  They are too immature to fully realize what violent actions can do to someone. When those bad decisions turn into criminal acts you should call a Utah juvenile violent crimes attorney at Salcido Law Firm to discuss how we may protect your child.

When juveniles are charged with violent crimes they have the same rights to due process as adults, but in a juvenile court there is no right to a jury.  If a minor is charged as an adult, which can happen with very serious violent crimes such as murder, then he is afforded the right to a trial by jury, but he is also treated as an adult in every respect.

At trial the minor has the right to compel witnesses to testify, to not testify on his own behalf, and to have the state prove beyond a reasonable doubt all of the elements of the crimes with which he is charged.  The juvenile court judge determines whether the allegations brought against he minor are true and if so the judge will enter an adjudication against the minor and then penalize and sanction the minor.

Penalties and Sanctions in Juvenile Court

If a minor is adjudicated to have committed one or more Utah juvenile violent crimes there are many penalties and sanctions that the judge can impose.  For example, the minor can be put in detention for 30 days.  The judge can order fines, therapy, restitution, community services, and other sanctions.  The minor has to report to his probation officer who makes sure that he is complying with everything.

Protect Your Minor Child

Juveniles need protection against criminal allegations just like adults.  We work hard to vindicate your child against such allegations.  Call a Utah juvenile violent crimes attorney today to get an experienced defense firm on your side.

To find out more about Utah’s juvenile court system visit its website.