Utah Juvenile Marijuana Possession

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Utah Juvenile Marijuana Possession
Possession of marijuana by a juvenile in Utah can have long lasting negative consequences.

What makes Utah juvenile marijuana possession so damaging to is the potential and long lasting negative effects a conviction could have on the kid’s future. Furthermore, the negative stigma from the public and especially employers is particularly harsh for any drug related crime. Although juvenile’s are afforded separate process from adult offenders, this does not mean that the penalties or not severe or that the prosecution will “go easy” on the juvenile. It is important that those charged with juvenile crimes such as possession of marijuana, and their parents, understand the serious consequences are at stake and the importance of fighting those claims.

Utah Penalties for Utah Juvenile Marijuana Possession

Utah’s drugs laws are particularly harsh compared to other states and the possible penalties that will be imposed normally depends on the amount of the drug that the accused had. Along with possible incarceration and fines, in most juvenile cases a common penalty that will be imposed is the suspension of the juvenile’s drivers license. This can be particularly damaging to a juveniles future if they need to be able to drive themselves to school or work.

Defending Your Rights

Due to the unique nature and procedure involved with juvenile cases it is important that an accused individual not only have an attorney not represent them but one that is familiar with the juvenile court system. At Salcido Law Firm all of our attorneys are experienced in defending juveniles and they understand how to work within the system as well as get their clients the best outcome available. Furthermore, in a lot of possession cases the evidence was obtained from a search or seizure which can be challenged as unlawful. At Salcido Law Firm we look into all of these options and we make sure and provide you with every defense that is available in your case.

If you or your child has been charged with a juvenile charge of marijuana possession then call the lawyers at Salcido Law Firm. We offer free consultations and we can help you understand the charges and the available options.