Utah Insurance Fraud Attorney

Looking for a Utah Insurance Fraud Attorney

A Utah insurance fraud attorney to protect you from felony charges.
Insurance companies have special protections given them by the state legislature.

Insurance fraud is a specialized fraud charge that normally carries more severe penalties than a general fraud charge and that is because insurance companies have been able to lobby the legislature into writing laws like the insurance fraud statute. Much like credit card fraud, parties that are injured by certain types of fraud often encourage the legislature to make crimes against them especially severe as to deter criminal behavior and protect their assets.  A violation of the statute requires a Utah insurance fraud attorney to protect you against the penalties associated with it.

Defining Insurance Fraud

When most people think of white collar crimes they think of something extremely complex, however, most can be reduced to simply notions of right and wrong. In the case of insurance fraud it can be defined in its simplest sense as lying to your insurance company to make money. For example, if you get in a wreck and misrepresent the facts of the wreck, like saying it was a hit and run, so you could get a payout then you have committed insurance fraud. Sometimes the important thing to note is that when you feel like you may be doing something wrong, you probably are.

Insurance Fraud Defense

If you have been charged with insurance fraud then it is important that you get a Utah insurance fraud attorney to help you defend yourself. You are facing a very serious offense and it could have an extremely negative impact on your life if you are convicted. If you are looking for an insurance fraud attorney in Utah, contact Salcido Law Firm where our experienced attorneys know how to get our clients the best outcome available as well as helping them deal with the stresses of being charged criminally. Whether this is your first time in a courtroom or not it can be very unnerving to know that your rights and freedoms lie in the hands of the judge, because of that the lawyers at Salcido Law Firm make sure you understand the process and the possible outcome. Call us today to set up a free consultation.