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In Utah incest is classified as a criminal offense and defined under the code as any sexual relationship between immediate family members and first cousins. The code also enumerates artificial insemination between immediate family members and first cousins as a chargeable offense under the same section. While most people will probably say that they think its wrong for immediate family members or first cousins to engage in sexual relations, some may not know that it is against the law. Not only is incest illegal but it is a very serious offense and is charged as a third degree felony. For such charges a Utah incest attorney from Salcido Law Firm should be contacted immediately.

The Negative Reaction to Sex Crimes

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Incest is a sexual relationship between immediate family members and first cousin.

In our society there is a stigma attached to all criminal behavior, in fact some of the basis for why we have codified crimes in our society is that we view some behavior as being inherently wrong and we want to treat people differently when they have acted in certain ways. In the context of sex crimes the stigma and negative reaction is usually much worse than almost any other crime out there. In fact, societies view of sex crimes is so bad that even being charged with a sex crime is enough for most people condemn you and consider you a vile criminal. With all this surrounding sex crimes it is important to make sure that you have properly legal counsel to help you through this difficult time and fight to clear your name if you are in fact innocent.

Sex Crimes and Incest

Being charged with incest can be a tough experience to go through and as discussed above many people may already be treating you as if your guilty. If you are convicted of incest you will be considered a felon as it is a third degree felony. There is obviously too much at stake for you in this process and therefore you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you through this process. Call a Utah incest attorney from Salcido Law Firm today. Our attorneys know how to get you the best outcome available.