Utah Federal Marijuana Possession Lawyer

Seek Advice from a Utah Federal Marijuana Possession Lawyer

Probably the most common drug offense involves the possession of marijuana and that is true of the state of Utah. If you are charged with possessing marijuana on federal land, call a Utah federal marijuana possession lawyer at Salcido Law Firm.

Under the different state laws marijuana receives different classifications and different treatment, but under federal law marijuana is considered a Schedule I substance, which means it is considered to be highly likely for abuse and has no legitimate medical use. Although some states do allow for the medical use of marijuana, that is a state specific exception and the federal government still does not recognize the medical capabilities of marijuana. Any amount of marijuana possession is considered an offense under federal law and for a first offense an individual could be looking at up to one year in prison and a fine of up to $1,000.

When Does Federal Law Apply?

A Utah federal marijuana possession lawyer at Salcido Law Firm will defend you.
Don’t get caught with weed in a national park.

The two most common scenarios when federal law applies to marijuana possession is when an individual was found to possess, cultivate, or distribute marijuana across multiple state jurisdictions or when state drug laws are inconsistent with federal laws. As state laws become more liberal in regards to marijuana possession the likelihood and the actual practice of federal prosecution for marijuana crimes has increased. Regardless of the reasoning, however, federal prosecution for marijuana is very intense and the penalties are clearly very harsh as discussed above, so it is important that charged individuals retain competent and experienced counsel to help them.

In Utah, the majority of federal marijuana charges come from having possessed marijuana on federal lands such as national parks.  A Utah federal marijuana possession lawyer at our firm brings years of experience with these types of cases.

Defending Against Federal Marijuana Charges

When dealing with federal criminal cases the procedures of court and other issues change and the case can often get very complicated very quickly. Furthermore, depending on the circumstances of the case there may be different defenses available to the accused and without the right attorney some individuals could end up being convicted of a charge that they weren’t actually guilty of under the statute, or were afforded a defense that was never used.

Getting An Attorney

If you have been charged with federal marijuana possession then you need a Utah federal marijuana possession lawyer right away. Federal prosecution will be swift and harsh and without the proper defense you could end up dealing with very harsh consequences that you may not deserve. Our attorneys have worked hundreds of drug cases and we know how to get you the best outcome available. Call, text, or email us to set up a consultation and find out what we can do for you.