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A DUI Metabolite charge is also known as Driving with a Measurable Amount of a Controlled Substance.  The “controlled substance” can be anything that the state controls including prescription drugs, marijuana, alcohol, or any other product that the state controls.  This law is subject to abuse, and therefore, you will want the experience of a Utah DUI metabolite attorney from Salcido Law Firm on your side to protect you against this law which is so easily applied to make innocent people into criminals.

If you drive while impaired by prescription drugs you may need a Utah DUI metabolite attorney.
Prescription Drugs Impair Drivers

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Utah’s laws are stacked against you in this regard because the state prosecutor needs not show that you were impaired while driving. Instead, the only thing the prosecutor will have to show is that you had a small amount of a controlled drug in your system.

Generally, a prosecutor can establish his burden if you submitted to a chemical test, such as a Blood, Urine, or Oral Fluids test and the test results show that you had a controlled substance in your body.

If you are dealing with a substance abuse problem and have been arrested for a DUI metabolite, you may want to seek out a therapist to get a hold of the problem before it gets out of control. There are many resources for people dealing with substance abuse.

Defenses to a Utah DUI Metabolite Charge

In addition to a lack of probable cause, Utah statutory law (see 41-6a-517) sets forth a few affirmative defenses to a DUI Metabolite charge:

  • If you ingested the drug involuntarily (you were slipped the drug in a drink at a party for example);
  • You have a prescription to take the controlled substance;
  • Legally ingested medical cannibis; and
  • Otherwise legally ingested.

Outside of the statutory defenses, DUI Metabolite charges are difficult to beat and you will need an experienced Utah DUI metabolite attorney from Salcido Law Firm to ensure that your rights are protected.

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