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Marijuana Crimes and Other Drug Crimes in Salt Lake City

Drug possession charges in Utah are pursued vigorously by the state.  In spite of the lessons learned from Prohibition in the 1920s, Utah continues to place people in jail who choose to ingest various substances.

Although Salcido Law Firm does not make bad laws, we can at least protect you against them.  To change the state’s drug laws that continue to imprison people for victimless crimes, contact your legislators.  Until the laws change, however, we will be here to protect you.

Free consultation with a Utah drug possession attorney.
Drug possession is a crime in Utah

Facing a Utah Drug Possession Charge?

Perhaps Utah’s number one drug crime, at least by number of people charged, is drug possession.  This crime can range from having a small baggie of marijuana under the seat of your car to carrying a pound of blow in a back pack.

Possessing a controlled substance can be charged as a third degree felony, and even possessing less than a pound of marijuana can result in a Class A misdemeanor, which can lead to a one year jail sentence, a $2500 fine, and several hundred dollars in court costs and other associated fines. Get a Utah drug possession attorney from Salcido Law Firm for any such charges.

And, the more of a drug you have, the more likely it is that you will be charged with possession with intent to distribute, even if all of the drugs were for you and you only.  A possession charge coupled with a charge of intent to distribute ups the ante significantly, and gives the prosecutor a bargaining advantage which can work to your detriment if you are not careful. Yet another reason to hire a Utah drug possession attorney.

For example, if you are charged with possessing marijuana with intent to distribute in addition to possessing marijuana, you may be facing a third degree felony for distribution in addition to the Class A misdemeanor you will be facing for possession.

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