Utah Driver License Division DUI Hearing

Utah Driver License Division DUI Hearing

Hold on to Your Utah Driver’s License

In any case that  involves charges of a Utah DUI Metabolite or Utah DUI Alcohol/Drug violation, the defendant who has been charged with such crimes, in addition to having to appear before a Justice Court judge, must also appear for a Utah Driver License Division DUI hearing.  A failure to appear before the DLD will result in a suspended license.

The Utah Driver License Division DUI Hearing is necessary to have a chance of keeping your license.
Request your DLD hearing within 10 days

After being charged with a Utah DUI Metabolite or Utah DUI Alcohol/Drug violation you will have only 10 days to request a hearing with the DLD, but such a hearing is a necessary component of your DUI defense.  If you miss the 10 day window to request a hearing your DUI will automatically result in a 120 day suspended license for a first time DUI offense and up to 2 years for subsequent DUI offenses within a 10 year timeframe.

We Will Represent You At the DLD Hearing

Let Salcido Law Firm protect your right to drive. Our Utah DUI Attorneys and criminal defense team understand the DLD Hearing process and can help you hold on to your license if at all possible.  Don’t let the 10 day time frame lapse.  As soon as you have been charged with a Utah DUI contact the Utah Driver’s License Attorneys at Salcido Law Firm and Get Protected!

The DLD Hearing process in Utah has become almost a rubber stamp against a DUI defendant, but the criminal defense attorneys at Salcido Law Firm know which defenses work and which don’t at the DLD hearing.  The DLD Hearing is also a key process because it will allow us to cross exam the officer who arrested you for DUI.  This will provide us an opportunity to discover any weaknesses in the DUI charges which could be very beneficial in the criminal side of your case.

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To download the form to request a Utah Driver License Division DUI hearing, click here.