Utah Domestic Violence Victim Defense

Utah Domestic Violence Victim Defense

Utah domestic violence victim defense starts with a firm that defends the accused.
SLF represents domestic violence victims in legal proceedings.

When might someone need a Utah domestic violence victim defense lawyer? Unfortunately, many domestic violence cases in Utah are initiated by a false report or an exaggerated report.  This occurs when one spouse calls the police and reports domestic violence even when no such domestic violence has occurred.

Likewise, sometimes a spouse will make a legitimate report of domestic violence but subsequently the parties are able to reconcile and they do not want law enforcement authorities, the courts, or the prosecutors involved in their personal lives and simply want to work things out on their own.

If You Call the Police, Charges Will Be Brought

The problem in such cases is that when the authorities are called to a house, someone is going to be cited for domestic violence and those charges will go through the court system regardless of whether the spouses were able to reconcile their difference and want to move on with their lives. Further, prosecutors vigorously prosecute spousal abuse cases regardless of the parties’ desires and wishes.

What to Do If You Want the Charges Dropped

If you are the victim spouse and want the charges against your spouse dropped there are a couple of things you can do.  For example, you can write a letter to the prosecutor and make your wishes known that you want the charges dropped.

Additionally, you can rely on your marital privilege to refuse to testify against your spouse.  The state cannot force you to take the stand and testify against your spouse.

Finally, you can hire Salcido Law Firm for Utah domestic violence victim defense services to defend you against the prosecutor and to ensure that your rights are protected.  We will make sure that you are not coerced into giving testimony and we will act as a buffer between you and the prosecution.

A lot of people get into this type of situation.  We want to help you get on with your life and put this difficult time behind you.  Contact us at 801.413.1753 for a free consultation.

Others need assistance to go through with the case. We provide services to those individuals as well.  Additionally, the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition has resources for victims of domestic violence.