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Domestic violence happens behind closed doors between cohabitants.

Typically when people think about “domestic violence” they think about a husband or wife physically abusing the other.  While such an example certainly falls under the category of domestic violence, in Utah, domestic violence not only includes physical altercations between husband and wife but also threats of physical harm and actual physical harm, between any two persons who are cohabiting, that is, simply residing in or has resided in the same residence as the aggressor. The overbroad  nature of what constitutes domestic violence under Utah law is one of the many reasons why you need the protection of a Utah domestic violence attorney from Salcido Law Firm.

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Problematic Cases

Domestic violence cases are serious because they can involve not only criminal charges but civil as well.  Often times domestic violence cases can result in a civil protective order against the alleged aggressor, and that will require the individual to defend himself in both the criminal case and the civil matter.

To complicate matters, in Utah, even roommates can be charged with domestic violence for threatening another roommate with physical harm.  Although mere threats would amount to domestic assault, an altercation that results in someone is actually getting injured automatically makes the stakes become higher because the potential for serious jail time increases.

A conviction of domestic violence can also result in losing the right to carry a gun for an indefinite amount of time. A Utah domestic violence attorney from Salcido Law Firm will work hard to secure your firearm rights and to keep you free from the other negative consequences that come with a DV conviction.

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You will need an experienced attorney to help you defend yourself against domestic violence charges.  The cards are stacked against the domestic violence defendant.  The prosecutor wants such defendants in jail and the court provides little sympathy.

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