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Intentionally damaging another’s property is known as criminal mischief.

In Utah, the charge of criminal mischief involves the destruction or damaging of property, many times referred to as vandalism.  It is typically a criminal charge that is tacked on as an additional charge to more serious offenses and undoubtedly requires a Utah criminal mischief attorney for defense.  For example, criminal mischief charges are often brought in conjunction with a domestic violence assault charges.  In the typical domestic violence case one spouse generally ends up breaking property such as a phone, dishes, or a laptop.  Although the law is clear that the property damaged or destroyed must belong to another, prosecutors still charge domestic violence offenders with criminal mischief  for destroying their own property.  It makes no sense, but that is the reality of the situation.

There are a few different acts that constitute criminal mischief:

  • Damaging property with intent to defraud an insurer;
  • intentionally and unlawfully tampering with the property of another and as a result recklessly endangering human life or human health or safety or recklessly causing or threatening a substantial interruption or impairment of a critical infrastructure such as a information or communication system, financial or banking systems, railroads, utilities, sewage, healthcare facilities, public health facilities, or a food distribution system;
  • intentionally damaging, defacing, or destroying another’s property; or
  • recklessly or willfully shooting something at a car, truck, bus, airplane, boat, train, or other motorized vehicle.

Consequences of A Criminal Mischief Conviction

A criminal mischief conviction can range anywhere from a class B misdemeanor to a second degree felony depending on the value of the property damaged or destroyed.  It is not difficult for the damage to property to become valued at several thousands of dollars, and therefore, charged as a felony.

When faced with criminal mischief charges you may be looking at jail and even prison time, restitution for the property destroyed, fines, community service, counseling, and many other consequences.

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