Utah Burglary Attorney

Find a Utah Burglary Attorney at SLF

Find a Utah burglary attorney at SLF.
Burglary is a felony.

Burglary in Utah is a very defined crime. A person commits a burglary when he enters or remains in a building unlawfully with the intent to commit a felony, an assault on a person, a theft, or a variety of sexual crimes including lewdness, sexual battery, lewdness with a child, and voyeurism against a child.  A burglary is a third degree felony if it took place in a building that is not a dwelling (where someone lives) and if it took place in a dwelling it is a second degree felony.

One of the main reasons why a burglary tends to be so much more serious than other crimes is because a burglary is a crime unto itself and then the underlying crime of the burglary (felony, assault, theft, and the sexual crimes listed above) are separate offenses.  Thus, anytime you face burglary charges you are likely facing at least one other serious charge, which is why you need a Utah burglary attorney from Salcido Law Firm on your side.

English common law has included burglary as a crime for hundreds of years because a man’s house is his castle.  Common law has sought to protect an individual’s home and so has attributed much harsher offenses to crimes involving the violation of one’s property rights over his home.  Utah has latched on to this common law rule but has also codified it to make it a statutory offense. A Utah burglary attorney from SLF will fight hard to protect your rights when the state brings these types of charges against you.

You Hire Our Defense Team to Fight

The moment you retain us to defend your rights you can rest assured that we will delve into the details of your case immediately to make sure every possible defense to your case is brought to light and to force the state to demonstrate that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and if the state cannot meet its burden to ensure that all charges against you are dismissed or that you are acquitted of all charges.

Salcido Law Firm loves to fight the state, protect innocent people, and defend the rights of all.  Call a Utah burglary attorney at our firm anytime locally at 801.413.1753 or toll free at 888.337.3236 or email us and give us the green light to start fighting for your rights.