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Arson is one of the oldest crimes recognized since the times of common law in England hundreds of years ago.  The crime itself has expanded its definition over time.  For example, it not only includes the intentional damaging of another’s property by fire, but it also includes things like the use of explosives or the intentional burning of property in order to defraud an insurer.

Contact a Utah arson lawyer at Salcido Law Firm.
Intentionally burning another’s property can land you in prison.

Like many property crimes the severity of the charges is typically determined by the value of the property damaged.  Thus, arson charges can run from class B misdemeanors to second degree felonies.  Of course, if the arson was committed with intent to defraud an insurer then the charge is automatically a third degree felony regardless of the value of the property.

A Utah arson lawyer at Salcido Law Firm is best prepared to defend you against such charges whether they be misdemeanor or felony charges.  Our law firm puts in the extra mile for our clients.  We’ll investigate your case thoroughly to make sure that all relevant facts are available for your defense.  We’ll also thoroughly research the law related to your arson case to make sure all legal defenses are explored and all opportunities to get your case dismissed are taken.

Arson vs. Aggravated Arson

Aggravated arson usually involves the burning of a home or other building in which people live.  It can also include the burning of any vehicle or structure in which someone is present.  Aggravated arson is a first degree felony and can result in a life in prison sentence.

Tough charges like aggravated arson require tough defense lawyers and Salcido Law Firm has some of the best and toughest criminal defense attorneys around.  Call a Utah arson lawyer anytime for a free consultation and act quickly. The sooner you have us on your side defending you the better off you’ll be.