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Voyeurism in Utah is when a person photographs, films, or otherwise records another person in a private setting for the purpose of seeing the private areas of a person’s body without that person’s consent. For these types of charges get a Salt Lake City voyeurism defense lawyer on your side from Salcido Law Firm.  Charges for voyeurism have been brought against landlords who have set up recording equipment in their tenant’s bathrooms and bedrooms.  One case was even reported where the landlord set up video tape equipment behind a two sided mirror allowing the landlord to view his tenants in the bathroom.

Salt Lake City Voyeurism Defense
Voyeurism often times involves the surreptitious recording of another in a private setting.

Voyeurism is a class A misdemeanor in the state of Utah and carries heavy penalties including up to a year in jail and thousands of dollars in fines, costs, and penalties.  If you have been arrested for voyeurism in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo or anywhere in the state of Utah you will need a Salt Lake City voyeurism defense from Salcido Law Firm PLLC to defend your rights and ensure that you are protected throughout the stages of your criminal prosecution.

In defending your rights we will look to see if the alleged victim had a reasonable expectation of privacy in the matter.  Utah prohibits charges of voyeurism if the person being recorded, videotaped, filmed, or photographed did not have a reasonable expectation of privacy.  For example, if the recorded individual was doing it for commercial reasons it is unlikely that there was a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Distribution of Voyeur Material

In addition to voyeurism, Utah prohibits the sale or distribution of material which was obtained through voyeurism only the distribution of the material actually carries third degree felony penalties as opposed to misdemeanor penalties.  If you have been charged with distribution of such material you will need the aggressive and competent criminal defense attorneys at Salcido Law Firm.

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