Salt Lake City Utah Lewd Conduct Lawyer

A Salt Lake City Utah Lewd Conduct Lawyer Can Help

Salt Lake City Utah Lewd Conduct Lawyer
Lewd conduct, or indecent exposure, should be defended by a knowledgeable advocate.

In Utah, a person may be charged and convicted of lewdness, lewd conduct, or indecent exposure, a class B misdemeanor in most cases , if he or she commits a sexual act in front of another in public which does not amount to rape, object rape, forcible sodomy, forcible sexual abuse, aggravated sexual assault or an attempt to commit such offenses.  Lewdness includes doing the following acts in front of another: sodomy or sexual intercourse, exposing the private areas of the body, masturbating, and other acts which could be considered “lewd” by a reasonable person.

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Whether you have been arrested for flashing an undercover cop in a public park or just because you were walking around naked in your fenced back yard the consequences can be the same.  Unfortunately, lewd conduct charges are easily brought because such charges need only be supported by one person’s testimony.  There are instances when lewd conduct charges are brought because the informant had a personal vendetta against the defendant.   You need to be ready to find every underlying reason for the charges brought against you.  The criminal defense team at Salcido Law Firm will pick apart your case the moment you hire us to ensure that you are afforded the absolute best defense.

The statute covering lewdness can be found in Utah Code 76-9-702.

Lewdness with a Child

Someone who commits any of the acts listed above in front of a child under 14 years of age in public or private is looking at a class A misdemeanor. See Utah Code 76-9-702.5.

Public Urination

Although not amounting to lewd conduct, a person who relieves himself in a public place can still be charged and convicted of a class C misdemeanor in Utah. See Utah Code 76-9-702.3.

We Will Fight for You

We are ready to fight for you so that you will be protected against lewd conduct, indecent exposure, lewdness with a child, or public urination charges. When you hire a Salt Lake City Utah lewd conduct lawyer from Salcido Law Firm you can rest assured that you are being defended by the most competent of defense attorneys.  Email us or call us (801.413.1753 or 888.337.3235) so we can start defending you right away.