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Sexual battery is a misdemeanor, but carries serious collateral consequences.

Like most Utah sex crimes the crime of sexual battery, also known as fondling, requires an intentional culpable mental state, meaning that the person did it on purpose.  You can’t be convicted of sexual battery for acting recklessly or negligently.

Sexual battery requires the unsolicited, unwanted intentional touching of another’s private area or areas and the touching has to be done in an atmosphere and in a way that the perpetrator knows or should know causes affront or alarm to the person touched. If you’ve been charged with this crime contact a Salt Lake City sexual battery lawyer at Salcido Law Firm today.

Exercise Caution in Your Relationships

Although nobody should have to worry about being touched in an inappropriate way, the crime of sexual battery is very often misused and many people are falsely accused.  The problem with sexual battery is that someone can be charged easily with such a crime and what may seem like consensual intimate touching can often times turn into a criminal charges. Such charges are brought against men most often.

We have seen cases involving young college students who engage in consensual kissing and “making out” which elevates into attempted touching.  The female then feels guilty about the situation and makes a report of unwanted fondling.  The male in the situation is then unnecessarily facing serious criminal charges and prosecutors will not just dismiss such a case even though the case should be dismissed.  The male then has to defend himself and prove that he could not have known that under the circumstances such touching would cause affront or alarm.

Our experience in sexual battery cases have led us to understand that you cannot exercise too much caution in your relationships.

The Consequences of a Sexual Battery Conviction

Sexual battery is a class A misdemeanor which mean means up to a year in jail and thousands of dollars of fines and surcharges. It also means that future employers will see the conviction and such a conviction is likely to negatively impact your employment opportunities.

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