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You May Want to Call a Salt Lake City Disorderly Conduct Attorney

A Salt Lake City disorderly conduct attorney can keep you out of jail.
Disorderly conduct in Utah covers a multitude of offenses.

In a few different areas of Utah’s criminal code the legislature has set out what could possibly be termed as catch all crimes. These crimes kind of set the floor for criminal conduct and include a myriad of different acts. For example in the arena of sex crimes the legislature has codified the crime of lewdness which is basically set up to allow for prosecution of any sexual crime that doesn’t amount to the more serious crimes of rape, sexual battery, and the like. One of these catch all crimes in the crime of disorderly conduct for which you should contact a Salt Lake City disorderly conduct attorney at Salcido Law Firm. Often when we read in news stories or hear about outrageous behavior in the media that resulted in criminal charges but the acts did not necessarily amount to a more serious charge like assault or something like that then the charges that were brought were disorderly conduct. A Salt Lake City disorderly conduct attorney can help you stay out of jail and keep your record clean.

The Elements of Utah’s Disorderly Conduct Law

Because disorderly conduct is so broad it is often very difficult to enumerate all the different types of acts that could be included in it. Some of the common actions that result in disorderly conduct charges are participating in riots or protests that go bad, getting in fights, having a loud party, and obstructing traffic. Some may term the crime of disorderly conduct as basically encompassing any actions that could be considered “raising hell.” In alot of circumstances disorderly conduct is simply an infraction which is the lowest criminal charge there is. However, if the accused was first warned to desist but continued in their conduct then disorderly conduct can be charged as a class C misdemeanor.

Protecting Your Rights | Defending Against Disorderly Conduct Accusations

Although disorderly conduct is not the most severe or heavily punished criminal offense it is still important to defend your rights in a disorderly conduct case. Any sort of criminal charge that is not a traffic offense can have negative effects on a persons life, showing up on background checks and keeping you from employment and housing opportunities. With that in mind it is critical that an accused individual calls an attorney to represent them in their disorderly conduct case, with such a broad definition the charge of disorderly conduct also allows for a number of arguments to be made against the charge and a lot of wiggle room to work with prosecutors.

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Whether this is your first offense or if you’ve been through the court process before it can be unnerving and confusing facing criminal charges such as disorderly conduct. At Salcido Law Firm we offer free consultations so you can have your questions about your case answered with no charge to you. Call or email a Salt Lake City disorderly conduct attorney today to set up an appointment.