Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorney

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Speak with a Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorney located in our Salt Lake County office right off of I-15 in Sandy. Our Utah criminal defense lawyers have easy access to all the justice and district courts throughout the Third District.  We appear in every court throughout Salt Lake County.

Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorney
Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorney

We represent individuals charged with everything from petty crimes to the most serious of felonies.  We know the prosecutors and the judges. Know how your case is likely to go from beginning to end. Our experience in Salt Lake City and its surrounding cities is unmatched.

The court you’re in and the prosecutor assigned to your case can make a big difference in determining how to approach your defense.  Fortunately, a Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorney at Salcido Law Firm can explain how your judge or prosecutor can affect your case.  Call us at (801) 413-1753 anytime to get a free consultation about your criminal charges in Salt Lake County.

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has some of the busiest courts in the state. These courts include the Third District downtown at the Matheson courthouse and the Salt Lake City Justice Court.  The amount of cases that go through those courts are staggering. When searching for criminal defense lawyers in Salt Lake City, make sure you find someone who practices in those courts and is on top of their game. A Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorney in our firm is up to any challenge.

Fortunately, our defense lawyers are well versed in the nuances of Salt Lake County courts, which helps us to make your case flow smoothly.  Although most cases settle pretrial, some go to trial and that is another strength our law firm brings to your case. We are experienced trial lawyers.

If you have case in Salt Lake City or its surroundings, whether you are facing misdemeanors or felonies, contact us and Get Protected! Whether it is an alcohol offense like a DUI in Utah, or perhaps something more serious such as drug distribution charges in Salt Lake, we can help.

Courts in Salt Lake City

The Salt Lake City Justice Court is responsible to handle all infractions and class C and B misdemeanors.  Felonies are handled by the district courts.  There are several courtrooms and judges in the court, located on the first two floors of the building.  The clerk’s office is located on the main floor directly to your left as you enter the doors.  It’s contact information is:

Salt Lake City Justice Court
333 S 200 E
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Phone: (801) 535-6300

You can pay your fines and speak to a court clerk about your case by calling the number above.  Additionally you can contact the court through it’s email address.

The Third District Court, also known as the Matheson Court, is located in the heart of Salt Lake City right on State Street.  In terms of criminal cases the court takes responsibility for all class A misdemeanors and felony cases.  The Salt Lake County District Attorney’s office prosecutes all felonies and can be involved in class A misdemeanors.  City prosecutors can bring class A misdemeanors in the Third District Court as well.  You can contact the court at:

Third District Court
450 South State St
P.O. Box 1860
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-1860
(801) 238-7300

The Salt Lake City Police Department is responsible for enforcing the law within the territory of the city itself.  The police make arrests, enforce warrants, conduct investigations, and otherwise are entrusted with keeping the peace.  If you have an emergency you should call 911 but for all other inquiries you can contact the police department at the following:

Salt Lake City Police Department
315 E 200 S
Salt Lake City UT 84111
Phone: (801) 799-3000

For the best Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorney, call us anytime at (801) 413-1753. Our aim is to protect your rights to the very best of our ability and we work hard to do that.