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Communications fraud is one of the most overbroad laws on Utah’s books.

Communications fraud is the name given to the act of defrauding someone.  The “communications” part of the fraud means that a communication had to be made by the suspect to another in order to defraud that person.  It is basically just another name for fraud, but for some reason the Legislature found it important to add the term “communications” to the crime. A Salt Lake City communication fraud lawyer at Salcido Law Firm will provide the protection you need

You have certainly seen communications fraud reported in the papers. Individuals who have taken “investor’s” money to invest in some too-good-to-be-true venture only to be discovered later that the money was never invested but was instead used by the collector or was placed in some other investment vehicle that was never disclosed to the investors.

Communications fraud also includes the many internet scams and email scams that have been going around for years now.  Promises of receiving money for helping someone else or a promise that you can purchase an item for an unbelievably low price are initiated by those who can be charged with communications fraud. Call a Salt Lake City communications fraud lawyer today at Salcido Law Firm so we can get started on your defense right away.

The Value Determines the Charge

The value of the property obtained through false pretenses determines the seriousness of the charges.  For property valued at $500 or less the charge is a class B misdemeanor.  For property valued at above $5,000 the charge will be a second degree felony.  Most cases involving these type of charges will fall under the felony status. A felony crime requires a Salt Lake City communications fraud lawyer to defend you against the many potential consequences.

Communications fraud is prosecuted vigorously in Utah, probably because it is so common in this state.  Many people are taken in by those who promise them unrealistic returns on the latest and greatest investment.  There are, however, many instances in which individuals acting for legitimate business purposes are charged with communications fraud simply because a business venture did not turn out as planned.

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