Expunging Adult Convictions

Salcido Law Firm – Expunging Adult Convictions in Utah

Expunging adult convictions is what we do.
Expunging adult convictions for years, Salcido Law Firm can help you start with a clean state.

If you have been convicted of a crime you may be able to have your Utah criminal conviction records expunged. Salcido Law Firm has been expunging adult convictions in Utah for years.

The time periods for obtaining expungements differ depending on the type of crime:

  • Ten years for DUI and DUI Metabolite convictions;
  • Seven years for a felony;
  • Five years for a drug possession offense that is a felony;
  • Five years for a class A misdemeanor;
  • Four years for a class B misdemeanor; and
  • Three years for a class C misdemeanor or infraction.

Exceptions to Utah Expungement

There are also many Utah crimes for which expungement is not available, but expunging adult convictions is possible in most instances.  Some of those crimes include first degree, second degree forcible, capital, and DUI felonies; certain sexual offenses such as sex crimes against minors or any sex crime which requires that you register as a sex offender; and, automobile homicide.

The Utah Expungement Act of 2010 got rid of some of the other hindrances and exceptions to expungement and made getting an expungement much easier.  Now you can expunge multiple offenses so long as the appropriate time period has passed and you have paid all of your fines and court ordered restitution.  Additional changes have been made to the law since then that make it easier to expunge drug convictions. To expunge a Utah adult conviction the law is on your side and Salcido Law Firm is your most experienced legal team for obtaining expungements for clients throughout the state.

Also, if you have current criminal charges against you expungement is not an option.

Talk to Us About Clearing Your Utah Criminal Conviction

To expunge a Utah adult conviction call/text our attorneys at Salcido Law Firm at 801.413.1753 today to see if you can get your Utah adult criminal convictions expunged. We are experienced expungement attorneys and are standing by waiting to help you. The process becomes simple once you get the expungement attorneys at Salcido Law Firm on your side. We will handle everything in getting your conviction expunged so that you can relax.

Get your life back on track by getting your Utah criminal records expunged. Don’t waste anymore time with regards to your adult conviction. We’ve been expunging adult convictions for years and can provide you with a quick and efficient process to accomplish your goals. Get Protected today!