Drug Crime Defenses

What Are Some Drug Crime Defenses

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The Founders of the United States understood the importance of protecting the privacy of individuals and in prohibiting the government from entering premises or conducting searches without a solid evidentiary foundation and the issuance of a warrant.  The drafters of the U.S. Constitution had firsthand experience with unreasonable searches and seizures and for that reason included the Fourth Amendment in the Bill of Rights  Drug.

There are several drug crime defenses in Utah.
Did law enforcement violate your search and seizure rights?

Through drug crime legislation state and federal governments have found a way to conduct extensive and intrusive searches which also allows government authorities to seize all kinds of property.

If you have been charged with a drug crime let the criminal defense team at Salcido Law Firm defend you. There are a number of drug crime defenses that we will be able to identify quickly through a review of your case.

Even though drug legislation has greatly expanded the scope of governmental authority to conduct searches and seizures, the federal and state constitutions still prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures and governmental authorities at the federal, state, and municipality levels continue to commit egregious violations of the Fourth Amendment.

This is especially true in drug possession cases where authorities very often only find a controlled substance because they violated the defendant’s rights against unreasonable searches and seizures.

Protect Yourself

Don’t let the government trample on your rights.  Let Salcido Law Firm fight for you by applying one or more drug crime defenses in your case and ensuring that the authorities complied with the law and acted in accordance with your constitutional rights.

Drug Crime Advice

We recommend that you never give consent to the police or other authorities to search your house, your car, or any other location over which you hold ownership or control.  If you give your consent you will have a very weak defense.  The state needs to confiscate drugs in order to have a strong case against you, so don’t give the government authority to gather the very evidence they need to put you in jail and secure the drug crime defenses available to you!

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