Conviction Reduction in Utah

What is a Rule 402 Conviction Reduction in Utah?

Get a conviction reduction in Utah.
A conviction reduction in Utah can mean the difference between getting a job or not.

In Utah you can have your criminal conviction reduced by up to two degrees if you qualify under the applicable Utah code sections.  There are a few criteria which must be met before you can get a conviction reduction in Utah.

First, you had to have successfully completed your probation.  This means that you were discharged from probation and you did not violate the terms of your probation.  Second, you had to have finished paying any restitution which the court ordered you to pay.

Third, call the Utah conviction reduction attorneys at Salcido Law Firm.  Our experienced criminal defense team will petition the court where you were convicted by filing a motion and giving notice to the prosecuting attorney that you will be seeking to have your conviction reduced.

What happens after Salcido Law Firm files the Utah conviction reduction motion?

Once Salcido Law Firm has filed the motion for conviction reduction the prosecutor will have the opportunity to give notice to any victims of your crime to give them a chance to let their sentiments be known.

The court can reduce your conviction based on the motion that Salcido Law Firm will file on your behalf, but the court can also require a hearing.  Some offenses are likely to result in having a hearing before others such as domestic violence cases.  At the hearing, Salcido Law Firm and the prosecutor will each have an opportunity to argue their positions.  The court will then decide whether to grant the motion.

Obtaining a Utah conviction reduction is extremely advantageous.

Probably the best part of getting a conviction reduced is that you will become eligible for an expungement earlier.  For example, let’s say you were convicted of a class A misdemeanors.  In order to get that crime expunged from your criminal record you will have to wait 5 years.  But, if we can get that conviction reduced to a class B or C misdemeanor that will lop off 2 years of waiting.

What Utah convictions cannot be reduced?

If your conviction required you to register as a sex offender in Utah, you will not be eligible for a conviction reduction in Utah.

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