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One of the most frightening things people face all to often is being arrested by the police and charged with a crime. In our society the negative stigma for criminal behavior usually attaches to a person soon after charges have been filed regardless of whether or not they are guilty or innocent. The idea of innocent until proven guilty is all too often simply a slogan and not really employed by our culture. If you find yourself in a difficult situation like this and don’t know where to turn, then call the lawyers at Salcido Law Firm for help.

At Salcido Law Firm we are committed to helping our clients protect their rights and get the best outcome available to them in their situation. We understand the difficult time you are going through and we understand that you are innocent until proven guilty and we treat you as such. Whether you live in Brigham City or were simply visiting the area when you were cited for a crime, our attorneys are here to help. We have worked with hundreds of clients facing criminal charges and we know the judges and prosecutors in this area so we know how to get you the best deal. We have worked cases from drug crimes and sex crimes, to violent crimes and DUIs and we are confident that we can help you in your case.

Facing Criminal Charges in Brigham City or Tremonton

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in Northern Utah then call Salcido Law Firm today. We can help you get the treatment you deserve and we can help you deal with the stress that is inherently part of the judicial process. Call or email us today to find out more about how we can help you in your case, we offer free consultations over the phone and can answer all of your questions without you even having to drive to our office.

Resources for Criminal Defendants in Box Elder County and Brigham City

The Brigham City District Court is part of the First District Court and is located down the street from the Brigham City LDS Temple.

Brigham City District Court
43 North Main 
P.O.Box 873
Brigham City, UT 84302-0873
Phone: 435-734-4600

The Box Elder County Justice Court, which handles all infractions, class C, and class B misdemeanors within the county territory has the following contact information:

Box Elder County Justice Court
81 North Main Street Ste. 103
Brigham City, UT 84302-4909
Phone: (435) 734-3390
Fax: (435) 734-3376
Email: [email protected]

The Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for patrolling and enforcing the law in the unincorporated portions of the county as well as the incorporated portions.  It is also responsible to run the county jail..

Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office
52 S 1000 W
P. O. Box 888
Brigham City, Utah 84302
(435) 734-3300

The Tremonton Justice Court is located at 102 South Tremont Street, Tremonton, Utah.  It takes care of all lower level misdemeanors that occur within its city limits and arrests made by the Tremonton Police Department.

Tremonton Police Department
125 South 100 West
Tremonton, UT 84337
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (435) 257-3131

Although Box Elder County, Brigham City, and Tremonton don’t have the highest populations, they have their fair share of criminal charges. Call us if you have any questions regarding criminal charges brought in Box Elder County’s incorporated (Bear River City, Brigham City, Corinne, Deweyville, Elwood, Fielding, Garland, Honeyville, Howell, Mantua, Perry, Plymouth, Portage, Snowville, Tremonton, Willard) or unincorporated (Blue Creek, Bothwell, Collinston, Etna, Grouse Creek, Harper Ward, Kelton, Lucin, Lynn, Matlin, Park Valley, Penrose, Promontory, Terrace, Thatcher, and Yost) locations.