Unconstitutional Criminal Laws in Utah

Utah Criminal Defense Lawyers Challenging Constitutionality of Laws

One significant advantage of hiring Salcido Law Firm is that our criminal defense lawyers look at the constitutionality of every statute involved in your case. Believe it or not, the Utah Legislature has been known to pass laws which violate individual rights.  If a law violates the right to due process, that is, your right to be treated equally under the law and your right to a fair hearing you can challenge the constitutionality of that particular law.

Trained Legal Eyes Evaluating the Statutes

Our attorneys are trained to spot constitutional violations. We know that your liberty is on the line, so we make every effort possible to ensure the State does not get away with convicting you without protecting every single right that you have as a human being and under the Utah and United States constitutions. 

Typical Constitutional Violations

The constitutions of the United States and Utah guarantee certain fundamental rights to every resident of Utah.  For example, everyone has a right to be secure in the their homes, cars, papers, etc. and the State’s law enforcement agencies have no right to search you or your property without meeting certain basic requirements. Thus, if a statute purports to negate your right against unreasonable searches and seizures it may be unconstitutional.

You also have a right to be treated equally under the law.  If a statute on its face treats people who are similar situations differently its constitutionality can be challenged.  Likewise, you have a right to be heard and to defend yourself. Statutes that allow for summary proceedings without giving you a fair trial can be challenged and overturned.

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