The Importance of Getting an Attorney in a Utah Contested Divorce Action

Divorce is a messy business and typically there are no winners in a divorce proceeding.  That becomes even more apparent in a contested divorce in Utah.  Contested divorces can become extremely stressful for the parties because they a re typically unable to come to a resolution on how divide their property and how to divide custody of the children. Each partner believes that he is in the right and that the judge must surely rule in his favor.  This thought process causes the parties to be very stubborn.  The problem is that the judge may not see things as you do and if you want the judge to rule in your favor you must present a case in the most persuasive way possible.

You Need a Utah Divorce Attorney

There is no easy way around it.  If you are facing a hotly contested divorce, going it alone is simply not an option.  While the court system is not a friendly place to unrepresented parties, such is especially true in family law matters.  If your spouse has an attorney you have all the more reason to make sure you are represented adequately.  There are so many rules and nuances of the law that can trip up an unrepresented party and result in negative consequences.  (In fact the law is so convoluted and constantly changing that even attorneys have a difficult time keeping up on all of the technicalities.)

Salcido Law Firm – Experienced Divorce Lawyers

The family law attorneys at Salcido Law Firm handle contested divorces everyday.  We have the experience you need to avoid the many pitfalls that so many people encounter when they attempt to litigate a contested divorce case without the proper representation and experience.

You can call our law firm at any time at 801.810.5348 or you can contact us by email to set up a free consultation with a helpful Utah divorce attorney.

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