The Changing Political Landscape of Marijuana

In this most recent voting season a number of states made marijuana legal in their respective states. Oregon, Washington, and Colorado no longer include marijuana as an illegal substance. This is very different from states that have medical marijuana because those states still require that a person receive a medical marijuana license from a doctor to be able to purchase and consume marijuana. However, in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado now there is no need for a license because marijuana is not an illegal substance. There are a number of pretty significant caveats, however, to this unprecedented move to legalizing marijuana.

The Limited Scope of Legal Marijuana

It is very important that individuals understand the legalization of marijuana that has taken place in these states because there are still a number of possible legal issues that could result from marijuana use. The first thing to take note of is that marijuana is only legal in these few states. If a person leaves Oregon, Washington, or Colorado with marijuana that they purchased in those states it is still illegal in other states and they can still be prosecuted and convicted for possession and use of marijuana. So peope traveling to and from Colorado through Utah can be held criminal liable even if they bought the marijuana legally in Colorado. The second thing to note is that Marijuana is still an illegal substance according to the federal government. It is unclear how the federal government might try and prosecute individuals who use marijuana in these states that now view it as a legal substance but it is important to know that this is an unsettled area of the law and there may still be some risks to marijuana growth, possession, and consumption even in states that have legalized it.

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