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Temporary Orders Protect Individuals in Family Law Disputes

People living in the Salt Lake, Ogden, Provo, or St. George area going through a family law dispute such as divorce, child custody, or parent time argument do not need to wait for the resolution of their dispute receive some of the things they are asking for in the case.  By having a Utah family law attorney draft and submit a temporary order, people in Utah are able to obtain some of their demands temporarily until the case is resolved.  Temporary orders are an effective way to get spousal support, see children, and maintain property instead of waiting months until the case is resolved without seeing children and receiving any income.  Utah family law courts are authorized to give temporary orders to help individuals maintain a lifestyle until the Utah court can resolve the issue at hand.

What Can a Temporary Order do for you?

Temporary orders can be very helpful going through the gauntlet of family law.  Unfortunately, temporary orders can be difficult to obtain if one is seeking them on his or her own.  Fortunately, Utah family law attorneys know the process and requirements to obtain a temporary order for clients.  Hiring a family law attorney will enable people to focus on their struggling family problems without being burdened with the complicated and daunting task of receiving a temporary order.

Temporary orders given in Salt Lake, Ogden, St. George, Provo, and the rest of Utah usually occur in the divorce setting.  People going through divorce want their divorce to be settled quickly so they can receive alimony or child support.  Many divorces are messy, however, requiring many months and even years until alimony and child support orders are issued by the court.  Until the divorce, or any other family law proceeding is finalized, people should seek temporary orders.

Receive the Temporary Order you Need in your Case

If you are struggling through a family law issue and can’t wait until the resolution of the case to resolve property or child custody fights, then call a Utah temporary orders lawyer from the Salcido Law Firm.  Our lawyers will give you a free consultation about your temporary order needs and once they are hired, they will quickly petition the court for a temporary orders hearing.  Call 801.618.1331 to set up a free consultation today.

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