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The Utah Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control handed out over $20,000.00 in fines last month alone to establishments for selling alcohol to minors. The types of fines and related charges are incredibly common in Utah. In fact, many individuals, not just establishments themselves are charged with furnishing alcohol to minors in Utah. Unsurprisingly, Utah law is tough on these types of charges as with most other alcohol related laws in this state. Some state legislatures have considered making some of the alcohol related laws even tougher. Anyone facing this type of charge should consult with a lawyer as soon as possible.

Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor
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KSL recently ran a story detailing a handful of restaurants in Salt Lake City who were fined last month for alcohol violations involving minors. Each of the establishments were fined $3,000.00 and at least one underwent a temporary suspension of their license to sell alcohol. One establishment in particular, Caputo’s, was handed out a 10 day license suspension. While on its face such a penalty might not sound too harsh, a 10 day suspension can have real significant and negative effects and a business such as the market in question. On a second or a third offense, the penalties can be enhanced and the fines can get worse depending on the circumstances.

Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor Defense

Its not just employees of bars and restaurants that some times find themselves facing a charge for furnishing alcohol to a minor. Often, an adult throwing a party in their house may get cited for this a or similar offense. It can be difficult to properly monitor a party so if you are having a party at your house and are providing alcohol, you should be extremely cautious because if the cops show up for something like a noise violation, you might end up facing a charge. Even if you don’t know the minor at your house and didn’t specifically yourself hand them an alcohol beverage, you may still be facing a difficult situation. If you are charged with anything like this, you should consult with a Utah Criminal Defense Attorney as soon as possible.

Utah Liquor Sales Continue to Climb

For the 7th year in a row, Utahans consumed more alcohol this year than the previous. There has been a steady climb in alcohol sales over the past 7 years. In fact, sales this year have been up over 7% from 2012. So what is driving the rise in alcohol consumption? Some have speculated the population increase in general has been a contributing factor. However, even taking numbers based on consumption per capita, the results are the same. With the increase in consumption has come an increase in certain alcohol charges being dished out. It seems we receive more and more calls each year regarding alcohol related crimes, some more serious than others.

Alcohol Crimes Defense

The attorneys at Salcido Law Firm defend individuals accused of all types of alcohol crimes, from DUI to Minor Consumption of Alcohol, and Selling Alcohol to Minors, we can help. We encourage everyone to be safe when drinking but also understand good people sometimes make bad choices to get behind the wheel when intoxicated or otherwise break a law under the influence. If you were charged with providing alcohol to a person underage, we can provide a defense to help get you through the process in the best possible way.

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