Seeking Mediation Earlier than Later

Divorce gets messy, we all know that, we’ve heard the horror stories and we probably can all relate to a little bit of the vindictive nature that we often see come out in separating couples. However, after the initial decision to get divorced the smartest thing to do is get to the negotiating table as soon as possible, especially in Utah. Why I say it’s so important in Utah is because mediation is required by Utah Law before a judge or commissioner will make a decision as to the issues in your divorce. Therefore, if you’re going to have to try and negotiate at some point, its better to do it at the beginning instead of doing it after trying to kick each other out of the house or out of your kids lives through legal action.

How Sunk Costs Relate to Divorce

One thing that divorcing couples find particularly difficult to do is forgot their partners past actions and move forward with what is best for them and the children. In economics there is a concept called sunk costs which describes money that has already been spent on an enterprise which in most cases was unsuccessful. The general idea associated with sunk costs is that its not wise to base current or future decision on sunk costs, in other words don’t chase bad money with good money. This same principle can and should be applied to divorce procedures, as difficult as it may be divorcing parties should forget everything about the marriage, all the egregious violations of trust, the awful things that were said etc, and only focus on the future. Part of doing that is negotiating with a level head and not letting emotion take over. If emotion takes over then negotiating will end in the parties saying “fine I’ll just take it to trial and leave you with nothing.” Not only is that stupid but it is also unlikely.

Divorce Attorney in Utah | Helping Clients Make Forward Thinking Decisions

At Salcido Law Firm our attorneys are committed to staying level headed and focused on our clients best interest even if they sometimes lose their cool. Ultimately we follow our clients wishes and help them move forward in the divorce however they desire but as a trusted advisor we feel it is our duty to help you view each decision from the perspective of forgetting the past and focusing on the future. If you want an attorney that will help you make level headed decisions then call Salcido Law Firm today for a free consultation.

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