Salt Lake City Veterans Court

New Court for Vets

About 6 months ago a new program was implemented in Salt Lake City to help military veterans in their legal issues. The program recognizes that service members come home with war-related problems and ts strives to keep their charges from increasing to felonies and including jail or prison time. Since the court began Judge John Baxter has not ordered any jail time for any of the participants and all involved consider the program a success up to this point. Other districts are now considering starting up their own veterans courts.

Knowing the System

The court system has always tried to be approachable and understandable to those being charged with crimes. However, the courts also strive to be efficient and cost effective and these goals of efficiency and approachability aren’t always compatible, causing confusion for those involved. Having an attorney at your side can be a huge advantage because you will be made aware of all of your options, such as a program like Veterans Court. If you have been charged of a crime call a Criminal Defense to get the best outcome available to you.

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