Powell Child Custody Issues

Susan Powell’s Kids in Custody Dispute

Since her disappearance nearly two years ago, Susan Powell’s name has been mentioned numerous times in the Utah media. The issue currently being discussed is involving her kids. Because of the arrest of Susan’s father-in-law the children have been removed from the home where Josh Powell, Susan’s husband, lived with the kids. Susan’s parents have filed a petition with the court asking for custody of the children, but it is not clear what the court will decide. If it comes down to a decision of foster care or the grandparents then Susan’s parents will obviously have the edge.

Child Custody Rulings

Whether the custody dispute is between divorcing parents or a more complex situation like the one discussed above, the court is always looking to do what is in the best interest of the child. The opposing parties will obviously be arguing that their interpretation of the best interest of the child is right and the court may be persuaded by these arguments. Family law and family courts can be very different than other legal arenas and the judge or commissioner’s decision can sometimes reflect their gut feeling as to who is telling the truth and what they believe is best for the kids.

Utah Child Custody Attorney

Obviously there is a lot at stake in any child custody dispute. The outcome of the proceedings will most likely have a very real effect on the rest of the child’s life. Because of the unique nature of the family court it is important to have an attorney to help you form your arguments. Furthermore, with the very emotionally charged nature of family law proceedings it can be helpful to have a lawyer there to help you compose yourself and increase your chances of success. Call Salcido Law Firm today to set up a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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