Make Sure Your Divorce Decree Makes Sense

Most people who are involved in a divorce case will end up settling their disputes rather than going all the way through trial and having a judge decide the issues.  This is advantageous for the parties because they are able to have much more influence over what happens in the case.  The divorce decree that is entered is a document agreed to by the parties.  Often, however, we have people call us shortly after the divorce decree was entered, saying that they do not agree to the decree anymore.

Keep in mind that getting a decree changed after it is entered is not an easy task.  There must be a legal reason that would permit the decree to be changed.  Usually that requires a substantial change in circumstances, which is a high burden.  Don’t get caught agreeing to something that you know is problematic.

The best thing you can do to avoid the problem of having to try to get your decree changed is to make sure you have excellent legal representation who can explain everything to you in plain English.

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