Judge Denies Protective Order Against Utah Gun Lobbyist

Utah gun lobbyist, Clark Aposhian faced a difficult divorce battle. Like many other individuals in Utah. Mr. Aposhian is wrapped up numerous legal battles with an ex wife all stemming from allegations of abusive behavior. Mr. Aposhian was charged with multiple domestic violence related charges, had a civil stalking injunction filed against him, was wrapped up in a lengthy and difficult divorce, and had a protective filed against him. Just about each of these legal cases could mean the termination of his gun owning and purchasing rights, which as a gun lobbyist could be quite significant. The main allegation against Mr. Aposhian are he drove a military vehicle into his ex wife’s driveway and threatened to harm her new husband.

Recently, Mr. Aposhian prevailed in having a protective order dismissed against him. The judge in the case determined Mr. Aposhian’s ex wife could not meet the burden of proof in the case in that she could not demonstrate that Mr. Aposhian ever was physically abusive, threatened her with phsyical harm, or was likley to cause harm in the future. The judge also noted a lack of mental or emotional abuse presented by Mr. APoshian’s ex wife at the hearing. This is a big win for Mr. Aposhian but he is still facing crimianl charges that will need to be dismissed if he hopes to remain with full gun rights in this state.

Facing Multiple Cases Relating to Domestic issues.

Mr. Aposhian’s case is unfortunately not unique in Utah. Many people every year face a slew of legal battles all resulting from a single episode or single set of allegations revolving around domestic disputes. Often, a soon to be ex spouse will seek a protective order, civil stalking injunction, request criminal charges of domestic violence, and file for divorce. As you can imagine, this puts the defendant/respondent in the unfortunate situation of defending not a single case, but potentially a handful of cases all of which can impact the results of the other. Now in many instances all of the cases and claims are well justified. However, in some circumstances, an ex spouse may simply file for a protective order or other action to gain an advantage over the soon to be ex. We have represented numerous individuals on both sides of the issues. To speak or meet with Salt Lake City Utah Divorce Attorney at our law firm today, call or email us now.

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